[Question] iCloud Bypass for Macos?
I got the setup.app patch for my iPhone 5 and iOS 10.2 but I don't know how to create a cfw without TransMac which is only available for Windows. Can anyone help me?
There are a plethora of tutorials on Mac on my channel.
Yeah I already did it with the iPhone 6 tutorial Smile But apparently mine does need a public exploit. But why are some iPhone with the same model e.g. A1429 working with the CFW and without an exploit and some are not. In one video you mentioned race condition I dont, however, understand why it works for some devices and for some it does not
It is the same as why some devices can be Jailbroken with only a few races and others need more or even fail and you need to reboot and try again. It depends on the device itself, temperature of the chip, battery, active processes, and a lot of things. The same A*** model can be 16, 32, 64 or 128 GB so it is not the same thing. Different chips and so on.
Oh yeah thats right. Could I theoretically heat the cpu externally to promote a race condition on my 32 gig version?
Hmm. Never tested that but saw it done in a different condition. Try (make sure you don't damage no chip).
Do you think a hair dryer would be sufficient without damaging any components? Smile And could you please elaborate on the different condition

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