How Jailbreak Works - BootChain and Kernel Protection (Part 1)
In this video, as you voted on my Twitter poll, I will start a small series of Jailbreak related talks. In these videos you will be able to understand the key points of the iOS Security, how these work, and what Jailbreakers do in order to obtain their privilege escalation .

This 'course'' will give you the basics about the iOS BootChain, why you need to Exploit parts of it and where you should exploit to be successful.
  • Key topics covered by this video:
  • iOS Security - Basics
  • BootChain - Chain of Trust
  • Bootrom - Functions, Exploits
  • LLB - Meaning, Functions, Exploitation
  • iBOOT - Mening, Functions, Usage
  • Kernel - Protections, Code Signing, AMFI, MMAP() and MPROTECT()
  • Userland - Security, Apps, Privilege escalation
  • Jailbreak Types (Via CFW, Userland or Bootrom Exploit).
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