How Jailbreak Works - Explaining Exploits and Making an App (Part 2)
In the previous part, we discussed about the BootChain on iOS, and a little bit about the Kernel. If you remember, we also covered a little bit about exploits, but was only the tip of the iceberg. Today, as a poll I made on twitter was concluded with 90% positive answers, I made a new course for beginners in which I will tell you more details about the exploits, what are these, how they work, what they do and how you find them. 

Finding exploits and using them is extremely important for Downgrading, Jailbreaking and iCloud Bypassing so pay attention.
I also attached in the description some additional resources you can go ahead and check in order to get in depth, as we can't cover everything in a 12 minutes video.
If you liked this video, don't forget that there is a whole playlist where this one came from Smile


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