[Request] My Cydia Doesn't Work

I have an iPhone 6 with OS 10.2, and it's jailbroken, i have 
accidentally deleted Cydia and i can't reistall it because my computer doesn't reconize it!

My computer show my iPhone but iTunes no, cydia impactor doesn't install any app (here's the log error): 

Quote:23:08:56 libimobiledevice/src/installation_proxy.c:189 instproxy_lock<>: Locked
23:08:57 libimobiledevice/src/service.c:163 service_receive_with_timeout<>: could not read data.

I can't use SSH via usb because iFunBox doesn't reconize my iphone.... I DON'T KNOW WHAT I HAVE TO DO!  Huh Confused


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Do you have access to MTerminal?
No because I need yalu fix to reinstall cydia. I will try with a mac tomorrow. SSH via wifi with putty is not the same thing?
It is the same thing.
Ok, then say me what I have to do... Smile

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