[Tutorial] iOS 10.2 Jailbreak - Semi-Restore 10 Released & How to Use It
What's up lads? GeoSn0w here, today I will show you how to unjailbreak (or semi-restore) your jailbroken iPhone running iOS 10.0 to iOS 10.2 with the newest version of CoolStar's Semi-Restore (Lite) 10 tool that he released yesterday. Why, yes! This tool allows you to get a fresh start on your device if you have installed too many tweaks, or if you started to get strange cydia errors (to say the least), or if you want to get it completely clean to be able to perform an "Erase All Contents and Settings", other way impossible on a Jailbroken device.

Semi-Restore has been around for literally ages (iOS 5), and to be brutally honest it is one of the best tools for safely removing a Jailbreak without restoring in iTunes. This does NOT require any SHSH2 blobs as the restore is not a full one, and this WILL NOT update the iOS version, which means that you can Jailbreak again later if so you wish.

I highly recommend using @coolstarorg's Semi-Restore Lite 10 for unjailbreaking rather than other tools because it is one of the STABLE tools available. When dealing with system and jailbreaking, trust me, you need every byte of stability you can get.


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