[RELEASE] iOS 10.2 - Remove iCloud Account From iPhone With iVe App
This application requires a Jailbroken device!
In today's video I will show you how to remove the iCloud account from your device if you've forgot your password. To do so, we're going to use an application that I've created especially for this task, iVe. iVe application is a free tool that does that for you in an instant, but you do need to be Jailbroken. This is very practical if you happen to have forgotten your password for your iCloud account and you've left Find My iPhone turned on. Having FMI on, prevents you from using some features, like Backups, some apps, etc. You should keep in mind tho, this will not remove the account from Apple servers and the device will still be locked, so do not restore the device in iTunes.

The application requires Jailbreak because it makes direct modifications to the ROOT file system. If there is any demand on it, I will probably release the source code of the iVe Application as well on my GitHub, but for the moment you can use the IPA that you will side-load using Cydia Impactor tool. After using it, you can remove the application with no problems. Also, I can integrate this into Lilo Dark if you'd like so. Tell me in the comments section down bellow your opinion.

am having trouble download the app

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