[Info] iOS 10.2 Untethered Yalu Jailbreak Coming
A couple of hours ago, my comments section went nuts due to a lot of people posting a link to a tweet from someone on twitter claiming he achieved an untethered Yalu iOS 10.2 Jailbreak using two new exploits. Also, he said he is going to release the untether package (most likely as a Cydia pack), although no eta is known. So I have decided to look into this, and as you are probably already used to on this channel, to analyze the chances of this to be real. According to the original post, the exploits might be working on iOS 10.3 as well. 

As always, I am skeptical as hell, and I ask myself the question: if making an untether for an otherwise semi-tethered Jailbreak is that simple, why haven't Todesco, the creator of the Jailbreak, done it already? Well, on the other side, Todesco said he won't continue to develop public Jailbreaks as he has other things to do, and presumingly, making an untether for Yalu isn't on his priorities list.
Pretty interesting what's going on, and I will definitely keep you updated, should something change / get released on this Yalu Jailbreak Untethered thing.


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