[Tutorial] How To Sign Yalu IPA Forever (No Computer)
In today's video I will basically show you how to make use of Cydia Extender even if you have a free account so that you can resign Yalu Jailbreak IPA every 7 days directly from the device without any computer (so basically forever, as signing takes 1 button).
Normally, Cydia Extender requires a paid Apple Developer account, but in this video I will show you how to get it working with your Free Apple Account.

Once installed, you can do the same procedures you do for Yalu to any other IPA and so you will be able to resign it every 7 days directly from the iPhone without connecting to the computer and without using Cydia Impactor. This will allow you to stay Jailbroken for as much as you can, because if you resign an IPA and install it, it works even if you reboot in non-Jailbroken state (real signing). So by using this method, the terror of connecting to the computer and using Cydia Impactor has come to an end.
From what I know this can't be done on Windows because Windows lacks the signing tools we use to handle the entitlements of the application.
!Note: Although very useful, the procedure takes a bit to implement, that's why the video became kinda long, please follow along with attention.


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