[RELEASE] iOS 10.3 CFW iCloud Bypass - New Lilo Dark v7 Overview
What's up guys! GeoSn0w right here, so in this video we will be quickly talking about the newest version of Lilo Dark for iOS. I have created this application a while back, and today in this updated I've decided to fix some bugs but also to add some support for No Service Fixes I am researching on. For the moment only some older baseband versions are supported because this is in Alpha stage, I will try to add more support in the Beta, but the Lilo App is pretty much detecting the baseband and the correct fix for it. You probably know that the biggest caveat on iCloud Bypass on iOS is the fact that the carrier coverage is not included and you can't place calls. We're now working on researching that, for the moment I don't have very conclusive results on iOS 10, but I'll keep on trying. It is possible for this problem to be impossible to fix, but it is still worth some research.

Lilo Application must be used on CFW bypassed devices to ensure the bypass was correctly made. Using Lilo Dark you are also able to check your kernel version, and if you are Jailbroken (or wanna check if any kind of malware silently Jailbroke your device) you can also check for suspicious or Jailbreak-related files on the system. Although more useful for CFW bypassed devices, Lilo should be able to work on a normal device as well. Lilo supports iOS 9 as well.


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