[Tutorial] iOS 10.2 - How To Remove iCloud Account Using Filza (Jailbroken)
In today's video I will be showing you how to remove the iCloud Account logged into a Jailbroken device using Filza File Manager. This is particularly useful if you've forgot your password and you have turned on Find My iPhone or Find My iPod and that is preventing you from doing various actions for example: restoring a backup.

Filza is a replacement for the deprecated iFile File Manager, Filza is Free and can be found on Cydia. I don't know if it also has a paid version, but the free one is definitely enough. To Jailbreak i've used Yalu Dark, my own fork of Yalu Jailbreak for iOS 10.0 to 10.2. Yalu doesn't check if the device has FMI On, therefore, if you've forgot your credentials, you can Jailbreak and use this tutorial. This should only be used for research, ethical purposes.

Please keep in mind that this method will not remove the device from the servers, it will only unlock the device to be able to restore created backups / do other things that require FMI to be OFF, restoring the device will put into a lock again, so do not restore. To use this method you must already have the device in an activated state. This does not apply for devices on the Activation screen! This also works with iPhone 7.
Filza is a product of TIGI Software, this video IS NOT sponsored by, nor affiliated with them.


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