[Info] iOS 10 - Explaining Exploits / Buffer Overflows (For Beginners)
In Today's video we are going to continue the Reverse Engineering for Beginners series and we're discussing about iOS Exploits and Exploits in general. We're going to cover the Stack and security mechanisms like ASLR, DEP and Canaries, and I will explain in depth how a Buffer Overflow (most common exploit) works. 

In this video I will also talk about ShellCode, what it is, and what happens once you start executing it. I have also written a text article about this that you can check out on my website. On the website I have used a real life exploit, being a Privilege Escalation Exploit for OS X El Capitan. You can find the written tutorial down bellow.
You can consider it a Part 1, as in this video i've set up the basics about the stack and how we exploit it. In the next video that I will probably make in the next few days, I will demonstrate how these work on an applied example.


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