[Info] iOS 10.2 Yalu Jailbreak No Computer & Warning!
So after the Yalu Jailbreak DropBox IPA signed for 1 Year that spawned itself on the internet on February 8 and was patched by Apple (the certificate) on February 9, I managed to find another "No computer" Yalu Jailbreak solution online, that apparently is all over the internet, The ZeroStore Yalu102 method. In this video we're going to discuss if it is safe to install that thing on your device, what can happen, what are the risks and how the website works.

This thing has been heavily promoted in a lot of videos from random 10-50 subscribers channels but none of them raised any alarm about the fact the the application is closed source and it auto-installs on the device. This, combined with the fact that the Jailbreak has infinite potential over the device can result in very bad things happening. So please don't fall for unofficial and shady sources.

If you are already using that, I highly encourage you to remove it and install the official IPA from Luca Todesco, or any other iteration of Yalu Jailbreak that is OPEN SOURCE. Don't install IPAs blindly, this is not a normal IPA, it is a full fledged Jailbreak and can be seriously dangerous if you aren't careful!


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