What you are allowed to post here (READ!)
Hi there,

This part of the forum is created for iCloud Bypass RESEARCH which means you are allowed to post:
  • Theories about new versions (don't spam us with YouTube videos, we ban you Wink)
  • Theories regarding specific parts of the Research (e.g. Why you think the Baseband gets bricked on bypasses).
  • You can ask questions THAT ARE NOT ALREADY ANSWERED IN THE F.A.Q. Page of the CFW Method
  • Discuss about app modification
  • Discuss about hardware removals (don't provide links to components or e-bay / YouTube).
  • Discuss bugs (THAT ARE NOT IN THE F.A.Q.)
  • Discuss errors (THAT ARE NOT IN THE F.A.Q.)
What you CAN'T post here:
  • Don't make useless posts asking us when we make video about God knows what device. [You get 2 Community Strikes!]
  • Don't make useless posts in which you paste a 4 KM long CMD / Libi log, that simply clogs the forum and makes it ugly and hard to read (You get banned).
  • Don't ask us about lost / stolen devices. If this is what you're into please leave the forum now. We don't care from where you got that device, if it is in lost mode, somebody clearly misses it! It's clearly either lost or stolen and should be either reported to the lost / found on your local police dept, or if bought from eBay, simply not used. I am sorry, but we don't encourage stealing. (You get banned). 
  • Don't ask us about errors that are already answered in the F.A.Q. Page.
    Seriously. This forum is not a support center. Here we discuss ideas. Consult the F.A.Q. and only if you don't find the specific error you are dealing with, ask here. Make sure your post doesn't look like spam tho.

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