[RELEASE] iOS 10.2.1 CFW iCloud Bypass - New Lilo App v4
Today I released a new version of Lilo Application, an app that I created especially for iCloud Bypassed devices. That application's main features consist in the fact that I checks whether the bypass was successful or not, checks if there are any No Service Fixes available and can produce an app crash for debug / research purpose. 

Today's version, the version 4 also contains a new feature that is able to pull data from the device to detect if the device is Jailbroken, if specific files like Setup.App and Find My iPhone exist, and it can also detect if the most common Jailbreak-related files (like OpenSSH, OpenSSL, bash, apt, Cydia, Mobile Substrate, Mobile Terminal and so on) are installed. If you open the application and you are Jailbroken but you know you never installed OpenSSH and it shows as installed, you might want to remove it or to change the password, as someone might be trying to control your device remotely.

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You are really great。
Is it possible from something similar to this working on 8.1.2?

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