iOS 10 - How to Disable iOS Automatic Updates (No Jailbreak)
In today's short video I will show you a quick and effective way to disable the iOS Software Download and Updates. As you probably know, there is no built-in feature for that, and iDevices automatically download new updates which can ruin your Jailbreak as the latest firmware, most of the time can't be Jailbroken.
This will remove the annoying messages about the updates, installing them or reminding later and will also prevent the device from updating itself to the latest version. For this we are using tvOS Beta Profile.
How can this help?
Well, if for example you are not Jailbroken but want to Jailbreak and you wait on, for example, iOS 10.1.1, your iPhone will keep on downloading iOS 10.2 (current latest version) and will keep on buzzing you to update now. Applying this will disable that and you will be safe.
If you are already Jailbroken, this will help you not to lose the Jailbreak by mistake by updating to the latest firmware.
This is extremely safe to use as it is a profile signed and verified by Apple, not a third party.


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