[Info] iOS 10 - iPod Touch - How to Enable Battery Percentage (No Jailbreak)
In this video I will show you how to ENABLE BATTERY PERCENTAGE on iPod Touch 5th Generation and iPod Touch 6th Generation. For some reason, it comes with no such feature from Apple and unlike the iPhones, it does NOT have a setting for that on Usage on Settings.
I found this trick by mistake while doing something else, but it comes in handy as it enables permanent Battery percentage exactly as on iPhones and does NOT require any Jailbreak or tweak. This works with any iOS version starting from iOS 7.x to iOS 10.2.1, it is simple and easy and does not pose any threat to the device.

I really hope it helps, as I personally rather have the battery status on my top right rather than estimating by looking at a green icon. If this came in handy for you as well, give this video a thumb up Smile


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