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In order for us to keep the forum clean, we require you to read and follow the following rules.
Failing to obey to the rules may result in a community guidelines strike or even your account being terminated.

  1. You should NEVER post SPAM! Your account will be terminated without further notice.
  2. Do not post any kind of error logs or any kind of debug logs, this is not a support center, we expect clean posts that actually help the community. If you are for iCloud bypass you better check the F.A.Q. page before posting. We're speaking seriously about closing account that post spam or error logs. If you want to ask for solution to an issue, find the appropriate thread and make sure somebody did not post it already. 
  3. Don't post the same thing more than once. Once is more than enough.
  4. Don't swear!
  5. Don't beg!
  6. Don't post links that are not fce-related.
  7. Don't link videos that are not from our channel especially if it's spam!
  8. Don't create more than one account. We can't see that, not even VPN can hide you.
  9. Don't post pornography.
  10. Don't post nudity / sexually explicit content.
  11. Don't pick up fights. 
  12. If you can't make the difference between fake and work in progress, I will give you a permanent vacation from the forums.
  13. Make your title clear and descriptive. 
  14. Avoid click bait.
  15. Use proper.... at least understandable English.

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