[RELEASE] iOS 10.3.2 / 10.3 CFW iCloud Bypass - Universal Setup.App Patch
(04-10-2017, 10:15 PM)Do you know of any way to create a patch for the ipad 4 (3,4)? The setup file has no Data to invalidate. I attempted to invalidate the entire setup.app by opening the entire DMG file in HXD and searching for a the text string "setup" and invalidated it with zero\s. I am, however, having trouble writing the altered firmware with 3u tools.     Geosn0w Wrote: So, in today's video I've decided to build the Setup.App Patches fro both 32-Bit and 64-Bit devices supported for CFW iCloud Bypass creation. The patches follow the normal structure of an invalidated app, as the CFW iCloud Bypass method relies on the fact that Apple Mobile File Integrity (AMFI) daemon won't start the app if it is patched and the device is not Jailbroken. 

The patches for 64-Bit devices are for iOS 10.3.2 Beta, but keep in mind that starting from iOS 10.3, x64 devices got a new file system format called APFS to replace the old HFS+. The new APFS format in the DMG files makes them incompatible with TransMAC on Windows for the moment, so you will need to use OS X. A tutorial on CFW creation for OS X is already available down bellow.
32-Bit devices (iPhone 5 and 5C) did not receive this APFS update, and they apparently still use HFS+ which means you are still able to build CFWs on Windows for these devices. The patch I've released for 32-Bit is the iOS 10.3. The iOS 10.3.1 will also follow.
The iPhone 5 and 5C did not receive a Beta for iOS 10.3.2, so there is no patch for the beta.

Warning! This is a work in progress! Please read the F.A.Q. (Frequent Asked Questions) page to see the limitations of this project, the compatible devices and the errors / fixes you might encounter / need during the project! 


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