[Info] How To Dual BOOT ANY 32-Bit iPhone - CoolBooter Updated
In today's video I wanted to bring to your attention the fact that the tool I've presented in one of my previous videos, that gives you the ability to run two different iOS versions at the same time on any Jailbroken 32-Bit device (iPhone 4, 4S, 5, 5C and some iPads) has been updated and fixed one of the biggest issues: Now the application allows you to use the secondary iOS version as your main one. So, if for example on my iPhone 5 I have iOS 9.0 and I installed iOS 6.1.2 using Coolbooter, now I can finally start directly on iOS 6.1.2 (UNTETHERED) (No PC needed) without having to boot on iOS 9 first and then to press "Boot".
The first version of CoolBooter allowed downgrades for dualboot, but you needed to start the main OS first, and only then, the secondary version.

This makes iOS downgrades even more doable as you are now able to  do a dual boot and only use iOS 6 for example or iOS 7 if you want, and the downgrade is definitely untethered.


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