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Your account was terminated, what's next? - Geosn0w - 12-04-2016

We know, it's the worst feeling you can have to see your account terminated and is more puzzling when you don't know why, that's why we always make it clear why we terminated your account.

An account on our community forums can be closed due to the following reasons:
  • Spam (Being it links, videos, same post published more than one time)
  • Piracy (Posting links to full software, keygens, serials, activators, cracks or anything related).
  • Impersonation (Don't pretend to be someone you're not).
  • Hate Speech (About a ***, race, minority, political group, country, individual or any other kind of hate speech).
  • Pornography (Posting links to porn, nudes, explicit content).
  • Spreading viruses or malware
  • Trying to sell things (no matter what).
  • Spamming in PMs
  • Repeated Community Guidelines Violations
  • More than 4 Community Guidelines Strikes in the last 6 months.
What can one do if his account was terminated?
You can appeal our decision by sending a mail to appeals[at]fce365.info. We're going to review your account and let you know if we keep our decision or we reinstate your account.