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Hello From JFK - jerkflavorkoolaid - 05-13-2017

Hello everyone,

Im jerkflavorkoolaid, and have been into jailbreaking since 2008.  I took classes in C++, Visual Basic, HTML and am pretty much a tech geek.  I love electronic gadgets, IT/Networking, and all all things jailbreak related. Currently I have an ipad air 2 on 9.0 JB, ipad 2 mini on 10.1.1 JB, and trying to get this old iphone 4 restored to 7 and then JB.

Looking forward to getting to know you guys, I came here due to FCE’ 365’s awesome video of activating a locked iphone 4 that belonged to my young niece who hasnt used it in years, but is icloud blocked.

RE: Hello From JFK - king.yourii - 06-28-2017

Hello jerkflavorkoolaid

as my little experience ... there is no downgrade this time ... you can't ... but i think there is ways to unlock iphone 4 and Fix No Service