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How to get Verified on the Forum - Geosn0w - 12-04-2016

Verified accounts represent forum members that had good contributions in the past, or represent official members of known dev teams.
you will see a little green tick right next to the verified account's name on it's profile, on the posts or on the Who's online page (if not invissible).

We do accept requests for the verified badge from general public, if you think you qualify, you can send us a request at verification[at]fce365.info.
In the e-mail you should specify:
  1. Your forum username (used to login).
  2. Your e-mail.
  3. Why you think your account should be verified (not more than 20 lines).
If you are denied, you can apply again in 15 days.

What are the requirements for the verified badge?
  • At least 20 good posts
  • Have good contributions on the forum (posts, replies, ratings, reports)
  • Account has to be in good standing (no community guidelines┬ástrikes)
  • Account should have more than 1 week from the date of creation
  • The user must have a confirmed e-mail address matching the one from the request
  • The user must have his account completed (Location means country) (Avatar, Some info about him (interests?) and so on)
  • Be active on the forums
We usually reply in 24-48h depending on the workload, but it could take even longer.